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Together, Natalie Rich and Max Reinhardsen wrote, produced, directed, and star in the brand new comedy web series The Weekend Detectives. The show follows Alex and Alice McNally: part-time cops, full-time twins. After their father, the former Chief of Police, died in the line of duty, the McNally twins were thrown into the force to fulfill his last dying wish. Underqualified and overconfident, they are only permitted to work weekends. They are assigned “special police tasks” which often get them “in way over their heads.” Anything they say or do can and will be used against them.





Indie Spotlight: Top 5 Indie Series of 2016 

"The Weekend Detectives matches up favorably against shows with far larger resource pools. It has the sharp plotting, amusing characters, and witty script it needs to be a top-notch workplace comedy, digital or otherwise." 


Earlier in the year, Sam Gutelle of TUBEFILTER called the show "smart and snappy," explaining that “the heart of the show is its tender characterization of its two protagonists… they always figure out a way to save the day, because this isn’t a show that takes itself too seriously. It’s fun, light, and well-executed comedy, and it’s hard not to like.” Click here to read more.

DECIDER features The Weekend Detectives in their Afternoon Delight, dubbing the show a “wonderfully wacky web series.” Jade Budowski says “the episodes are full of hilarious running gags and subtle moments that make it a stand out series, and the supporting cast (particularly Chief Daniels, played by the effortlessly deadpan Brian Russell) ensures that the McNally siblings are never lacking exceptional scene partners.” Click here to read more.

Five stars on STAREABLE, a site that believes “in television and in life, popularity doesn’t equal quality.” They highlight tv shows and web series in attempts to “even the playing field so shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget.” Fans have tagged the show “clever,” “fresh” and “brilliant!“ Click here to read more.

COMEDY CAKE dubs The Weekend Detectives “Just The Part-Time Crime Warrior Series You Need” as one of their Video Licks. They describe the McNally’s as “a pair of bumbling crime investigator twins” who are “dead set on taking a bite out of crime”, and that “you’d be remiss if you’d didn’t take a look.” Click here to read more.