Art by  Leah Rich

Not one year after Budapest’s most well attended and evenly tied sporting event of 2017, reigning strongwoman champions Zofia and Zorka Boehner have joined forces to take on the scraggly remains of America’s Vaudeville circuit in a marvelous display of Hungarian strength and brassy charm!

You can expect iron-bending, anchor-chucking, chain-snapping, and a bit of song ‘n dance… all accompanied by two world-renowned trombonists! These #GirlsWhoLift and their handsome ‘bonist will perform a highly dangerous, recently legal feat of BOOM and BANG! Witness its premiere, right here in the Big Apple.

Debut performance at Dixon Place in June of 2017

Directed by
Ivey Lowe (2018)
Jenna Panther (2017)
Keith Caram
Riley Goodemote
Costume Design:
Sandy Klein
Set Design:
Rosa Palmeri
Stage Manager:
Jena Yarley