Best Actress
in a Comedy

independent television festival

for the role of
Alice McNally in
"The Weekend Detectives"


"Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich’s series, in which they play a brother-and-sister pair of bumbling detectives, matches up favorably against shows with far larger resource pools. It has the sharp plotting, amusing characters, and witty script it needs to be a top-notch workplace comedy, digital or otherwise."



"Natalie Rich delivers a stand-out performance as Kevin’s mother Kate McCallister, offering astounding levels of both touching emotion and laugh-out-loud comedy." 

The Reviews Hub


"Created by and starring Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich as siblings Alex and Alex McNally, the series is full of hilarious running gags and subtle moments that make it a stand out series."



"Natalie Rich’s portrayal of Kevin’s mother (originally played by Catherine O’Hara) is simply a gift."

Theatre is Good


august 2019

In Pilot Season’s third installment, “Toast” (a Cheers parody) Natalie will embody the overeducated Shelley Long character. Written and directed by Ian Mather, the sketch runs at a sweet half hour and is textbook dark comedy. Catch it at The PIT Striker Mainstage Friday, August 30th at 8:00pm. Tickets HERE!


Natalie has signed on to work with manager, Dave Brenner, of Creative Talent Company! Let the work begin.

august 2019

Now that “Max & Natalie LIVE!” is officially in their past, the duo has #rebranded! They’re now oh so available for your podcast, your variety show, your wedding– you name it. Upcoming gigs include “Names & Faces” an interactive variety show at Precious Metal August 10th, “Rule of 7x7” an evening of short plays at The Tank September 5th and 6th, and “Nice Boys Only” a night of stand up at Crystal Lake September 16th. Follow the fun on at and on Instagram for details and updates!

JUNE 2019

Another edition of Brett Epstein’s Rule of 7x7 will feature Natalie and David Jackson in Alessandro King’s play Song for the Devil. Be a part of this theater party Friday and Saturday June 28th and 29th at 8:00pm for $15 (ticket includes a free beer!). Tickets HERE.

JUNE 2019

Natalie will appear in Michael Urie’s PRIDE PLAYS, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater on Saturday, June 22nd at 7:30pm. Natalie is performing in a staged reading of Jane Chamber’s queer classic, Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, directed by Miranda Haymon. Read about the series in the New York Times! Tickets HERE.

may 2019

Max & Natalie LIVE! is coming to an end after 100 episodes. The series finale will shoot in front of a live studio audience at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (537 West 59th St.) at 8:00pm on Thursday May 30th. There will be a wrap party, also open to the public, at Jake’s Saloon afterwards! Come celebrate, but first, RSVP for your free spot in the audience on Eventbrite HERE. RIP M&N at MNN. We’ll miss you.

MAY 2019

Natalie is reading as two versions of one character in Renee Darline Roden‘s new play, Song for Songs. It’s a play that asks, “what does it mean to be interesting?” The reading, directed by Ivey Lowe, will be at the Dixon Place Lounge on May 18th at 7:30pm. Attendance is free!

april 2019

Recent Cutbacks (KEVIN!!!!!, Hold On To Your Butts and Fly You Fools) is back at The People’s Improv Theater with a NEW SHOW! Every Monday @ 9:30, starting April 15th, they’ll do a parody recap of each of the last six episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones a mere 24 hours after they air! Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker (Puffs). Tickets HERE!

march 2019

Max Reinhardsen and Natalie are at it again! They’re giving a TED Talk-esque presentation called “An Dissertation on SpaceX from Two of Elon Musk’s Children” in Shotz Talks at The Kraine, March 11th at 7:30p. Catch all Max & Nat’s updates at!

february 2019

Natalie appears in the new Hulu “NBA Sellouts” ad campaign starring Philadelphia 76er Joel “The Process” Embiid, alongside James Hosey and Brian Michael. Hulu has live sports! Watch it HERE.


february 2019

Max and Natalie can be heard on the latest episode of Stephanie Fagan and Robin Browne’s spooky ghost podcast, “That’s the Spirit.” They learn how to report a ghost sighting, get a rundown of England's wide swath of ghost dogs, and analyze the case of Booty vs. Barnaby (Man Sued for Slandering a Ghost). Listen to Episode #73 HERE.

february 2019

Natalie will appear in Sketch Cram on February 16th at midnight, at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Hell’s Kitchen! This is a sketch comedy show created in under 24 hours by some of New York’s brightest up-and-coming comedians. Snag $9 tickets HERE!


december 2018

Max Reinhardsen and Natalie appear on Adam Berley and Gordon Rankin’s podcast for their Christmas special, "An Adam & Gordon Show Christmas Special.” The riff off one another as two spunky young talk show hosts. Can you even imagine? Listen HERE!

december 2018

Natalie performs as Catherine O’Hara and Marv (the tall burglar) as a full body puppet for the third time in KEVIN!!!!! this Christmas at The PIT in New York City November 30th-December 9th and The District Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana December 13th-23rd. Imagine Home Alone in its entirety in under an hour, with puppets, cameras, projectors, foley and a four-person choir! They’ve been on Indianapolis local news RTV6 (see below) and reviewed by New York Theatre Review and Indy’s NUVO. Get your tickets HERE!

With Nick Abeel, on Indianapolis local news RTV6

november 2018

Natalie had the opportunity to improvise as a new working mom alongside Exposed Bone cast mate, Kelly Robinson, in a Pampers demo commercial!

november 2018

Max and Natalie are this week’s guests on Amanda Mason and Matt Ketai’s podcast, The Biz– the podcast where they host people from The Biz on The Biz but never talk about The Biz. Show business, that is. Season 2 Episode 8 is called “Is Moana the Cure for Sleep Apnead?” and you can find it on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. Listen HERE!


november 2018

The American Bystander is a quarterly humor magazine in trade paperback book format. They’re now rolling out video content on YouTube and Natalie is in their inaugural comedy sketch, Operation Waterfall– a behind the scenes look at a certain revolutionary casting session. Watch it HERE!


october 2018

Natalie is playing 7+ characters in Lesbian Bathhouse: The Movie LIVE! October 21st at 7:00pm. Catch this exclusive reading of Helen Eisenbach’s screenplay at TADA! Theater at 15 West 28th St. The reading is part of the Emerging Artists New Work Series. You can reserve your $15 tickets HERE.

october 2018

Look out, Vermont! Natalie (and Max) will be back in Manchester, Vermont for the Independent Television Festival October 10-14 with Season 2 of The Weekend Detectives. This time, instead of screening their work, they’ll be meeting with network execs in hopes of a production deal. Max and Nat are also taking this time in the mountains as a writer’s retreat for their work as a dup, continuing to develop their various scripts. What will they cook(rat) up next?!


september 2018

More time-specific comedy please! Natalie spent the day with Mark Armstrong of the 24 Hour Plays, and various Nationals alumni, making 24 second plays with the Rockefeller Foundation. Their tiny movies will soon be available for streaming and in the meantime, check out the 24 Hour Musicals on Broadway October 29th, supporting The Lillys.

September 2018

Natalie had the opportunity to improvise as a money tech nerd with in two Goldman Sachs demo commercials and a voice over spot!


august 2018

Max and Nat wrote 7 Myths About Comedy Shows (And Why They're Not True), an article for TodayTix's Comedy Month. "We’re Max and Natalie! Think of us as your comedy…therapists? Let’s talk through those fears of yours and get you out there on the scene, as they say. Hehe. Haha. We love to laugh."  Read it HERE!


Catch Natalie alongside comedian Chanel Ali in the latest Dunkin' Donuts commercial for "Two Dollar Dunkin' Run Snacks" playing on national television, YouTube, Instagram, you name it! Watch it HERE.

dunkin donuts

AuGUST 2018

Natalie is now officially signed as an exclusive client of Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency. She'll be working with Marla Haut in the On Camera and Voice Over department. Innovative Artists represents the foremost talent in all areas of voiceover and on-camera commercials both in New York and Los Angeles. Their actors appear in the traditional forms of advertising, including on-camera television commercials and industrial videos, as well as the evolving world of on-line and interactive advertising, both domestically and internationally.



Natalie and fellow Evansville alum Rosa Palmeri hit the stage once again with their original vaudevillian romp, The Boehner Sisters. They'll be performing August 23-26 at The Tank as part of their female-driven theatre festival, LadyFest.


JULY 2018

Natalie Rich is officially a card carrying member of SAG - AFTRA!


juLY 2018

Max and Natalie will be live at The PIT July 24th at 8:30p for their Season 6 summertime show. Join the fun at this live studio audience taping! If you haven't caught up on all 60+ episodes, subscribe and binge on YouTube before the show. Then, get your tickets HERE.

june 2018

The comedy you know and love from Natalie and Max Reinhardsen is officially a #BRAND. Check out all their content, links, and more at the duo's official website: They're open for business and looking to collaborate, so drop them a line on that contact form at the bottom!


june 2018

Natalie makes an appearance on this week's episode of Sonia Mena's Suffocate Me Dry as the crossing guard. Natalie also happens to have assistant directed this web series. Check it out on Salty Bitch Productions'  YouTube channel here!


june 2018

Come out to The Peoples Improv Theater June 15th @ 7pm to see Natalie perform a dino-themed sketch with Max Reinhardsen that they wrote! This is part of a variety show prelude to their genius friends from Recent Cutbacks performing their ever-popular HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS aka Jurassic Park in its entirety with nothing but a bunch of cardboard and sound effects. Tickets here!


may 2018

The Exposed Bone Workshop Collective Ensemble Studio “Not Just Your Average Theatre Company” Theatre Company Presents: “When Pigs Fly!” A Reading Series of Hot and Spicy New American Plays Written By The Artistic Director is running at The PIT Loft April 27th through June 2nd with a possible extension through the end of June.  Natalie plays Tanalee Reach, a denim clad light saber wielding matron of the arts. She sings, she dances, she screams at everyone with a mouthful of Wonka Bar! Learn more about the cast and creative team at and get those tickets while you can.

april 2018

Max and Nat are emceeing a party! Head to Houston Hall, April 4th at 8:00p to raise funds for The PIT's upcoming production of The Exposed Bone Workshop Collective Ensemble Studio “Not Just Your Average Theatre Company” Theatre Company Presents: “When Pigs Fly!” A Reading Series of Hot and Spicy New American Plays Written By The Artistic Director or Exposed Bone for short. Check out the event on Facebook and come out to support and LAUGH! More on the production to come.

march 2018

Salty Bitch Productions has just released the first episode of Sonia Mena's new web series, Suffocate Me Dry. The series is a mockumentary about high school "punks" whose band you'll never get to see... because they want it that way. Natalie assisted Jake Beckhard and Sarah Rattay-Maloney in the direction of the project, which you can watch on YouTube


march 2018

Max and Nat are on yet another podcast! Danny Rathbun's "Na na na na na na na na Podcast!" takes its audience through every single Batman movie ever made, from 1943 to present. Natalie and Max had the pleasure of dissecting "Lego Batman the Movie," which is not to be confused with "The Lego Batman Movie" starring Will Arnett. Listen to their episode, "Lego Batman (2013) - Fake Movie!" on iTunes but don't bother watching the movie. It sucks!

march 2018

Natalie wrote a handful of 24 second plays for the 24 Hour Play company, calling her one of their favorite writers! Natalie's plays focus on aging with technology, self-promotion, online dating and social skills in an iPhone dominated world. How, in 24-seconds, you ask? Check out her plays! Theatre-makers around the world are encouraged to film these and publish them on social media to bring attention to the project, using #24SecondPlays.


march 2018

March 12th at 8:00p, Max & Nat are hosting an Anniversary Special at The Peoples Improv Theater to celebrate 50 episodes, the Season 4 Finale and their show's 1 year anniversary. They're calling this M&N LIVE! at The PIT: Anniversary Special and it's gonna be bananas; live music, fresh stand-up, charming correspondents and a panel of their favorite previous guests for our biggest episode yet. Starting out the night is the hilarious musical comedy duo, Friends Who Folk! $10 Tickets HERE!

February 2018

Natalie is featured in the Courier Journal, the leading news publication in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Reporter Kirby Adams acknowledges her success at the Independent Television Festival this past fall, and her work on Max & Natalie LIVE! Natalie also gets to shout out her gratitude towards her high school, the Youth Performing Arts School, for instilling in her professionalism and confidence. Read it here!



Catch Max and Nat in Hannah Watzke and Abby Roberts' monthly impression showcase, Madame Tussaud's Variety Shows February  15th 9:30pm at The PIT Loft. They'll be presenting a fast and furious compilation of their favorite scenes from "My Cousin Vinny," with Natalie as Joe Pesci and Max Reinhardsen as Marisa Tomei. The impressions are spot on, but the wigs alone are reason enough! Get those TICKETS!

december 2017

KEVIN!!!!! is back for its second holiday season! Catch Natalie as Mom aka Catherine O'Hara, and Marv, the tall burglar. If you missed it last year, this is a shot-for-shot retelling of Home Alone in one hell of an  hour. You can expect puppets, onstage cameras, projections and live music! Get tickets now because they WILL sell out!


Subway? NO WAY. Thanks to Today Tix and The People's Improv Theatre, Max & Nat are featured on the walls of Times Square 42nd Street A/C/E subway station! They're gearing up for their live show Monday, November 20th at 8:30 at The PIT, featuring Maddie Fischer, Becca Beberaggi, Fred Chong Rutherford (aka Cleveland the puppet) and Conquista!


Max & Natalie PODCAST! For true fans of the show, you know that Episode #33 of Max & Natalie LIVE! was a crossover episode with the hilarious folks from That's the Spirit. You know what that means! They crossover'd back! You can hear Natalie and her creative partner, Max Reinhardsen, on the "Ghost Writer" episode HERE or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Yolanda Guttercat (created and played by Sonia Mena) is back with a vengeance! Natalie is working as the Assistant Director and making a small appearance in the upcoming Salty Bitch Productions short mockumentary film about punk teens, Suffocate Me Dry.


november 2017

Natalie will join the hilarious cast of The Exposed Bone Workshop Collective Ensemble Studio "Not Just Your Average Theatre Company" Theatre Company Presents: "When Pigs Fly," a reading series of five hot and spicy new American plays written by the Artistic Director. If you couldn't tell, it's a parody! It's also a musical! Written by Charlie O'Leary & Karl Hinze, directed by Kate Moore Heaney & Ivey Lowe. See it one night only at The PIT Loft Wednesday November 15th at 9:00pm.

october 2017

Natalie won Best Actress in a Comedy at the 2017 Independent Television Festival for her role as Alice McNally in the web series "The Weekend Detectives," which she wrote and produced with Max Reinhardsen. "The Weekend Detectives" was an Official Selection at the festival.

october 2017

In collaboration with the parody geniuses at Recent Cutbacks, Natalie Rich and Sonia Mena wrote and produced a wannabe trailer for the nonexistent film "ET 2: Go Home" which will premiere at the company's double header October 13th at The PIT. You can see the company's shot-for-shot theatrical adaptations of both "Jurassic Park" and "Lord of the Rings" in ONE NIGHT! Tickets here.

september 2017

The Weekend Detectives is an Official Selection in the TV Short Comedy category of The Independent Television Festival! Natalie and co-creator/co-star Max Reinhardsen will make their way to Manchester, Vermont in October with their buds from Sublets to schmooze, booze, attend workshops and host an exclusive Q&A!


august 2017

Max & Natalie are taking their show from the regular studio to The PIT Loft for an actual live taping! That means that you, yes YOU, can come, drink, watch, and laugh with and/or at us! They will have a SURPRISE guest that'll knock your socks off (again, assuming). Tickets are only $7, which you can purchase online or at the door.



The Adam & Gordon Show welcomes back Natalie to a brand new season of their podcast, "The Black Widows." You can listen for free on the iTunes Podcast site. It's a serial narrative podcast about a young couple that has moved to Icarus Falls, where a girl has recently been murdered. It's spooky AND funny! Tune in.

july 2017

Natalie joins Red Lab Productions' Georgian-American Theatrical Feast, a festival of new plays from the republic of Georgia. Head to Teatro Circulo on July 25th at 4:00p to see Basa Janikashvili's On The Latch, directed by Justin Yorio. The reading is free, so simply RSVP here!


july 2017

In this summer's edition of Rule of 7x7, produced by Brett Epstein, Natalie shares the stage with Sam Garber and Chris Murphy in a new play by Natalie Walker. Get your $12 tickets now! August 22nd at 7:30 and 10:00 at The Tank.

july 2017

Natalie joins the ranks of the many comedians in Geoffrey Stevens' indie film project, Comedians Who Aren't Dancers Dancing. Check it out right here!

JUNE 2017

Natalie and fellow Evansville alum/BFF, Rosa Palmeri, have created a brand new vaudevillian clown show where they play The Boehner Sisters, famous Hungarian strongwomen. You can expect an original live trombone score, physical comedy, improv, and a whole lot of props. Catch the very first iteration of their new play at Dixon Place, Monday June 12th at 7:30. Directed by Jenna Panther (also Evansville!) Tickets HERE.

march 2017

It's finally here. Natalie Rich and Max Reinhardsen of Cookrat Productions (The Weekend Detectives) hit the small screen Wednesday nights starting March 22nd with a late night talk show on public access! You can expect a new guest each week, but that's pretty much the only rule. Max & Natalie LIVE! No audience. No celebrities. Not even live. Manhattan Neighborhood Network will stream the show online right HERE for those without NYC TV, with weekly episodes on YouTube as well. Follow the fun: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

march 2017

KEVIN!!!!! is back and better than ever. After our run at The PIT earlier this year, Recent Cutbacks takes it to Brooklyn. We present you Home Alone, shot-for-shot in one hour. Natalie returns to the stage as mother f*cking Catherine O'Hara and Marv... you know, the tall one. Read about it in The Times! March 23-25, 30-31, April 1 @ 8pm at The Voorhees Theater, 186 Jay St. in DUMBO Brooklyn | TICKETS!!!!!

march 2017

"College baby" from The Adam & Gordon Show was finally released! "College Baby" is a two hour radio play in the form of a podcast.  It's the story of one wild year at Babylon University, where professor Copland Ash puts his translation device to the test by enrolling his infant son in classes. Natalie voices The Dean and an intoxicated young woman just trying to get it together. It's college, after all.  Listen online or download free on iTunes!

february 2017

The pilot has officially been green lit! Natalie Rich and Max Reinhardsen's next comedy project is Max & Natalie LIVE! a weekly late night talk show on Manhattan's open access channel. Along with online streaming every Wednesday at 10:30pm, they'll post all episodes on YouTube. The show will feature David Wardell and Brittany Allen, along with a new special guest each week. Be on the lookout!

Photo by Michael Brown

january 2017

'Tis the season for readings! Come bundled up with hot cocoa to hear some new work in the new year. Natalie will be featured in Allesandro King's Cartoon Blue at Primary Stages directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker and Sarah Einspanier's I LOVE SEAN at Cherry Lane directed by Morgan Green. Both readings are FREE! January 9th at 6pm and January 26th at 3pm, respectively.


december 2016

The reviews are in! KEVIN!!!!! at The PIT has gotten shout outs from Theater in the Now, OnStage, Pop City Life, Stagebuddy, The Reviews Hub, and has been featured in the The New York Times twice! Andy Webster of The Times says, "It takes audacity and energy to satirically sabotage a holiday film as revered as the 1990 comedy “Home Alone.” But in “Kevin!!!!!,” a multimedia send-up at the People’s Improvisational Theater, the troupe Recent Cutbacks displays plenty." Another fun treat: CLICK to hear director Kristin McCarthy Parker talk about KEVIN!!!!! on the podcast, "Go See a Show!"

december 2016

This Christmas, Kevin is home. The team that brought you Hold Onto Your Butts and Fly, You Fools! tackles their most ambitious project to date, featuring live projections, puppets, and a four-person choir, all told in Recent Cutbacks’ signature brand of humor, nostalgia, and thrilling theatricality. Discover the true meaning (maybe) of Christmas this year with KEVIN!!!!! Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker. Performances Dec 1-Jan 7 | CLICK FOR TIX

november 2016

Natalie starts off the month at The Actor's Studio in a reading of Piper Werle's new play, Rhonda III; a Mean Girls take on Shakespeare's Richard III. Natalie plays Bernie in the piece, which is directed by Jessie Schechter. Join the studio's Playwright Director Unit for a talk-back after the reading! 6:00pm Wed. November 2nd at 432 West 44th St. [Free]

Actors Studio

october 2016

Natalie Rich joined Actors' Equity Association! She first joined AEA as an 'Equity Membership Candidate' in 2012 after her summer at Williamstown, on stage with Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man. She is now officially in the union, thanks to the lovely folks at Maberry Theatricals!


october 2016

University of Evansville Alumni Association recognizes Natalie for her work on The Weekend Detectives for their October 28th edition of Who's Who Wednesday! What an honor. Check out the show HERE!

Click to

october 2016

Natalie is now a featured voice over artist with SpokenLayer, the company behind iTunes' Spoken Editions. She will voice articles daily for SpokenLayer's premier media clients such as The Huffington Post, Reuters and Time Magazine.

october 2016

Two Headed Rep does it again! Natalie joins Tartuffe for the theatre company's second season, after having appeared in Electra this April. Moliere's play has been translated and adapted by Amanda Keating, a major change being Natalie's role. The family's uncle and trusted adviser, Cleante, is now an aunt! Natalie will play Cleante in this 1980's retelling of the French comedy, directed by Molly Clifford. October 21-30 at Iati Theatre in NYC. Click for tix!


september 2016

Natalie joins Sanguine Theatre Company on September 17th to read Jeremy O. Harris' play Xander Xyst, Dragon: 1. She is thrilled to read another of Jeremy's plays, having last been seen in his play Daddy. Directed by Logan Reed, Natalie will be reaching as "Internetz" and a cheesy porn star, Alana Arabesque. Catch a magical script and some hilarious voice work at 8:00 at Access Theatre! Free.

august 2016

The Weekend Detectives: Season One has arrived. Natalie has been working on the web series she created with Max Reinhardsen for two years and on August 19th, all five episodes are available to stream on Vimeo. Check out the show's official website at to watch the show, see behind-the-scenes pics, connect on social media, and more!

august 2016

Natalie is thrilled to get back to work teaching kids this summer! Having taught at Vermont's New England Youth Theatre in 2013, Natalie returns to the team once again, only this time in the U.S. Virgin Islands! Natalie and the co-directors of "Get Thee to the Funnery" will teach Shakespeare workshops and stage a full production of Romeo and Juliet in a mere two weeks with the young women of Gifft Hill School on St John.

august 2016

Gimme an F! is a brand-new all-original character-driven sketch show written and performed by Natalie Rich and Erica Hernandez! They bring you the characters of high school; parents, teachers and students alike. Directed by Frank Garcia-Hejl and produced by SallyCade Holmes, the show is August 10th 7:30 and August 17th 7:30 at the PIT Loft in Chelsea. Tix HERE!

july 2016

Natalie is this month's guest star on Will Sarratt and Max Reinhardsen's brand new improvised podcast, Fear and Self-Loathing. The show comically delves into rational and irrational fears and anxieties we face on a day-to-day basis. Episodes have yet to air, but be on the lookout this fall. Natalie's voice will also appear in a scripted podcast later this summer with the guys over at The Adam & Gordon Show!

june 2016

Natalie will be weaving some funny tales Saturday June 25th at 7:00pm with The Group Lab with their storytelling series The Where Project. This time is special though, as they are performing as part of Horse Trade's Queerly Festival at The Kraine! Natalie will answer 'where are you from?' as well as 'where are you going?' and you're sure to laugh, cry, and wonder. CLICK HERE for tix.

june 2016

Come out to The Grand in Williamsburg Thursday night June 9th to hear Natalie read in Jessica Luck's new play Scallywag, directed by Kate Moore Heaney. The reading is part of a monthly series called Playwrights at the Grand, and this month, they're exploring a summer job theme. The show is absolutely free, and it'll be followed by START UP written and directed by David Armanino.


may 2016

In support of The Center, New York's LGBT community center, there will be a reading of MJ Kaufman's Eat and You Belong to Us. The play is produced by Tom Kirdahy Productions and all proceeds go towards services provided by The Center, of which Natalie is a member of the Young Leaders committee. She'll be reading stage directions in MJ's play. Come hear this lovely new piece of theatre and support an incredible initiative Thursday May 5th at 7:30!

april 2016

Natalie starts training at Upright Citizens Brigade this month! She is enrolled in Sketch Comedy Writing 101 under the instruction of Evan Greenspoon. UCB is an improv theatre and comedy training center, with locations in both New York and LA, and was founded by Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. Natalie will be writing with the class for the next eight weeks!

april 2016

Part of the New York University film school's partnership with 360fly, Natalie is filming an original comedy short with Matt Grella and Jack Filsinger. 360fly is the world's first 360° virtual reality camera, filming fully immersive HD footage that can be instantly edited on a mobile device. The short comedy will be submitted to the school's first VR film competition.


APRIL 2016

Two Headed Monster's production of Electra brings on Natalie to play Clytemnestra for its inaugural production, in repertory with Amanda Keating's new play Retreat. The Greek tragedy is directed by Lily Riopelle, the company's co-founder. You can catch the two shows at once, April 1-3 at The Gallery at Access Theatre. You can find tickets HERE!

march 2016

Tom Kirdahy Productions' latest project, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, runs every Monday throughout March and April. The play is structured so that a different performer each night is handed the script for the first time as they step onto the stage. Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, Mike Birbiglia, and Martin Short are among the many performers slated to read the script over the next two months. Natalie is thrilled to join the TKP rabbits as their first guinea pig!

march 2016

Join the Ugly Rhino team Friday March 18th for their Junior Prom 90s & early 2000s dance party at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Natalie will be performing Gwen Stefani and Eve's Let Me Blow Ya Mind (2001) with Philip Calabro, in full drag. It is not to be missed! $10 Tickets HERE!

february 2016

Natalie is to appear in three TV studio shorts produced by the film students at New York University. The shorts are performed and shot live, in a three-camera setup. Natalie is working on the projects with Rachel Brown, Annalee Walton, and Bennett Smith. They'll be producing a comedy sketch featuring Natalie as Miss Piggy, and excerpts from two original scripts.

february 2016

Directed by Adam Arian, Natalie and co-star David Jenkins take on a new 10-minute play in Amios' February Edition of Shotz. Lizzie Vieh's play Down and Out in Chichen Itza is the hilariously dark tale of a young couple who escape to Mexico for what's supposed to be the end of the world. Catch the show Monday the 1st at The Kraine, at both 7p and 8:30. Grab a free drink with your ticket, and party with the cast afterwards at Dempsey's! Tickets HERE

december 2015

As a part of The Habitat's Directors Playground, Natalie and six other women are collectively devising a piece about queer women. There will be a showing of their progress on Monday the 21st at 6:30 at A.R.T./NewYork Brooklyn. Led by director and Habitat Artistic Director Katie Lindsay, the group will continue collaboration in January of 2016, exploring ideas and elaborating on the characters they've created thus far.

December 2015

For its first ever showing, Natalie will perform in a reading of Jeremy O. Harris' new play Daddy. Jeremy wrote the play during his time at the MacDowell Colony Fellowship earlier this year. Directed by Mitchel Civello, the play will be read in Studio Three at 890 Broadway on Monday the 14th @ 7:15. 

november 2015

Natalie shoots Business "News" a new short comedy for NYU film student Jack Filsinger, alongside co-stars Rome Davis and Evyn Whiteley. Natalie plays Valerie Allen, a sharp up-and-coming actor, who has recently found her way into the spotlight; however, her maturity and poise will be tested when interviewed by infamous misogynist, Everett McGreggor.

october 2015

Come on over to the lounge at Dixon Place, Thursday night, October 8th at 7:30. Natalie will be movin' and groovin' in Morgan Green's presentation of Sarah Einspanier's new play, I Love Sean. The play was recently workshopped in Maine at The Barn Arts Collective. Natalie joins the cast for this one-night-only event! Don't miss it. Reserve a seat!


september 2015

Tensions rise and entitlement shows its face as two women prepare for a performance together...Natalie stars alongside Bianca Crudo in Gracie Gardener's new play Big Lady at The Secret Theatre this month in the Long Island City One-Act Festival. The play opens the festival's "Program 4" and will run through the month, with a possible awards show performance on the 19th at 7:00pm.

august 2015

Natalie will perform in a new work by Sarah Einspanier at The Tank, one night only in The Getaways Series: A New Works Festival of Colby Day Commissions. Titled The Initial Inklings of a Play by Sarah Einspanier, this reading is not to be missed. Natalie plays two very different twelve-year-old girls and a wealthy New York mother who just can't. This performance of scenes is the very first step in the very long process of writing a play.

august 2015

Natalie joins the cast of the 2015 24 Hour Play Festival! For four days, a group of actors, writers, directors, and producers under age 25 create a festival of brand new plays to be performed one night only! Catch the show Monday August 10th at 8pm. Follow their process on Twitter and Facebook! Kevin Spacey calls it "an adrenaline rush like no other" and Naomi Watts claims it's "fear on steroids." 

JULY 2015

Natalie has just signed on to understudy Nick Abeel in what TimeOut New York declared one of the "Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014" - Hold Onto Your Butts! Two actors and a foley artist perform a live, shot-for-shot remake of the greatest movie of all time; Jurassic Park. The show will play at The Peoples Improv Theater for its fourth extension, every weekend in August & September.

june 2015

Natalie receives her NYC voiceover debut this summer having at MSR Studios, recording Vitual Voices for Arena Stage's new musical, Dear Evan Hansen. Directed in New York by they legendary Michael Grief, the show travels south and opens this July in Washington D.C.

may 2015

Natalie and The Weekend Detectives co-creator, Max Reinhardsen, start filming their 5-episode premier season this month on a whopping budget of 10k they raised throughout April. They're scheduled to wrap by the end of June, but if you're hungry for more, catch sneak peeks of their progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Expect the entire season to drop on Vimeo this fall.

April 2015

The Weekend Detectives have officially launched their Kickstarter Campaign! If you take a look at their Proof of Concept, you'll meet Alice and Alex McNally, twin part-time cops. Anything they say or do can and will be used against them. They have 30 days to raise $10,000 to produce this 5-episode web series. Max and Natalie are insanely thrilled and proud of this project, and they're just getting started. Help them bring the McNally twins to life!

april 2015

You can catch Natalie in Mat Smart's new play Fuck City, part of Rule of 7x7: Spring Edition, at The Tank on W. 46th, April 24th and 25th @ 9:30pm. Tickets are $12 at the door, with a free drink upon entry! Directed by Wes GrantomFuck City will also feature 7x7 producer and fellow Slant Theatre Project artist, Brett Epstein.

march 2015

Natalie and her bud Max Reinhardsen are finally getting the ball rolling with their web series The Weekend Detectives. Be on the lookout for their Proof of Concept vid and the Kickstarter campaign April 1st! If you like to laugh, you won't be disappointed. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram! #weekenddetectives #webseries

february 2015

Joining Amios NYC once again, Natalie will appear in Erin Mallon's new play Loodvig. As always with SHOTZ, you'll receive a free beer with your $12 ticket. Monday February 2nd at The Kraine on East 4th Street @ 7pm & 8:30pm with a party at Dempsey's following the late show. See you there!

January 2015

Come hear Natalie as the character Betsy in a reading of Allyson Morgan's new pilot, Neighbors. Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker, a hilarious bunch of actors (including Allyson herself!) will be performing for free at The PIT on East 24th Street, Monday 1/26 @ 7pm.

*The reading has been postponed due to massive snowpocalypse

january 2015

Natalie is featured in Danny Babayev's latest inspirational short, Fading Advice. The film has been submitted to multiple competitions, and can be found on Facebook @ Danny BFilms.


Natalie is performing in The Habitat's third New Territory: Short Works in Progress at 4th Street Theatre January 8th and 9th at 8:00pm in a new play called Parallax Shift by Daisy Freund. Directed by Sarah Stites, the play is inspired by the works of Cheryl Strayed. Email to reserve your $10 tickets.


Horse Girls at The Cell has extended through January! Natalie, a proud understudy, will be performing on January 16th at 8pm. She is in LOVE with this new play, and so is New York City. Get your tickets soon, the house fills fast.

DECEmber 2014

We're flyin' by the seat of our pants, folks! Every month, Brooklyn-based theatre company Ugly Rhino puts on an evening of themed new work and good beer. With just two rehearsals in sight, Natalie embarks on Tiny Rhino: Office Holiday Party. Get your tickets soon – the show is Tuesday, December 16th! Mark Armstrong directs Paul Notice's new play, It's the Uniform.


Happy opening to the HILARIOUS new play, Horse Girls by Jenny Rachel Weiner (directed by the fabulous Sarah Krohn). Now playing @ The Cell on West 23rd in Chelsea. Natalie is understudying Kaley Ronayne as the Lady Jean Ladies treasurer and recorder extraordinaire, Margaret. Horse Girls is sold out, but you can sign up for the wait list HERE

November 2014 

Spot Natalie at the birthday party on My Crazy Love, a new series on Oxygen! Look out for the "Melissa" episode, airing Tuesdays at 10:00am. The new show tells the wild, romantic, and hilarious tales of what real people have done in the name of love.

November 2014

Natalie is appearing in the monthly theatrical pressure-cooker known as Shotz with Amios NYC. Each month, "six groups get two weeks  to write, two weeks to rehearse, two hours to tech, and two chance to perform all new short plays." This month's theme: AWKWARD.  Hilarity ensues, be sure to check it out. Kraine Theatre: Monday, November 3rd @ 7/8:30pm.

September 2014

Natalie, along with WTF's non-equity company, is back in the big apple! Join these twelve young actors as they showcase their talent at Playwrights Horizons on September 22 at 5 & 7pm! Email to reserve your tickets. Click the VIDEO tab above to check out the promo video!

August 2014

The summer at Williamstown Theatre Festival is coming to a close, and Natalie is so thankful to be featured in multiple readings! Before heading back to the city, she'll present the screenplay of an upcoming film, Behold My Heart by Joshua Leonard and Rebecca Lowman, sing in Evan & Mike Yionoulis' new transmedia musical Redhand Guitar, and read in Dennis Staroselsky's new play Mourning Found Me Again for WTF's Free Write program. What a summer!

July 2014

Natalie has been cast in Danny Sharron's project, OKAY by Taylor Mac. The play takes place in the bathroom of a 2003 high school prom. Each stall encircles a different world, seemingly separate from the others. If you're in town, head to The Directing Studio on July 27th at 10pm/11:30pm.

July 2014

Happy opening ROBIN HOOD! Come CHECK OUT Natalie Rich as Ellen Deirwold AND Riccon Hazel at Poker Flats in Williamstown, MA July 15-19 and 22-25. Click the Video tab above to catch an amazing Behind-the-Scenes clip from rehearsal.

June 2014

Finally having made it to Williamstown Theatre Festival, Natalie has begun rehearsals for ROBIN HOOD. In addition her role in WTF's Free Theatre production, she has been cast in a workshop reading of Jeff Roda's 18 TO PARTY, directed by Julie White. Natalie is thrilled to be acting alongside Amanda Seyfried! The reading will present June 25th in The Directing Studio at WTF.

The Cast & Crew of 18 TO PARTY

June 2014

Natalie will be reading stage directions in her buddy Mat Smart's new play The Great Barrier at Primary Stages directed by Daniel Aukinstarring Bill Heck (Cabaret), Jay O. Sanders (Person of Interest), and Jenny Mudge (Rocky). The reading is @ 4:30 on June 5th – 307 West 38th St.

April 2014

Natalie is returning to Williamstown Theatre Festival to join the ranks of their Non-Equity Company! She's headed to the Berkshires to play Ellen in ROBIN HOOD, the festival's outdoor production. In addition to this role, Natalie will have the opportunity to perform in new play readings, workshops, and the projects of WTF's young directing assistants. ROBIN HOOD is playing at Poker Flats in Williamstown, MA July 15-19 and 22-25.

March 2014

Here it is! The podcast we've all been waiting for! Catch Natalie Rich in "Episode 8: Siren Song" on iTunes today! 

February 2014

Natalie Rich makes her Ars Nova debut February 25th! Don't miss it! Natalie is performing in Slant Theatre Project's live podcast, On This Island. She's featured in Jiehae Park's short play, NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Look out for an update! The podcast will be available on iTunes soon.

January 2014

Natalie has been cast as Georgina in Speakeasy Dollhouse's production of THE BROTHERS BOOTH. Performances will take place at The Players Club March 1, April 5, and May 3 @ 8:00. Tickets can be found HERE.

December 2013

Next spring, Natalie Rich will be assistanting on the direction of Speakeasy Dollhouse's production of THE BROTHERS BOOTH alongside Wes Grantom. Written by Cynthia Von Buhler and Mat Smart, the show is an interactive, inclusive experience featuring burlesque, murder, and a live jazz band!

November 2013

Natalie is starting work as Slant Theatre Project's new Artistic Apprentice! Following Slant's mission to build the plane in flight, her artistic duty will create itself, growing and changing along with the upcoming projects. Check out Slant's awesome podcast called On This Island.

August 2013

Natalie has just signed on to teach NEYT's Brave Young Vaudevillians program with Michael Trzos! The two-week program will help kids ages 7-9 to create their own acts, fostering courage and imagination. Here goes!

July 2013

Happy opening to Natalie's Co-written and directed children's play Professor Mobius and the Architects of Doom at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont. Congratulations to Andrew Marchev and the kids, too!

June 2013

Natalie's summer at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont has begun! Don't miss these hilarious kids in A Story Familiar, co-written and directed with the ever-talented Dylan Frederick.

May 2013

Natalie returns to Indiana's New Harmony Project for her third conference. This year, she will be leading the office staff interns and reading in Mat Smart's ROYAL SOCIETY OF ANTARTICA

New Harmony Project 2013 Company

May 2013

Natalie graduates the University of Evansville Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance.