Photo: Whitney Browne

Natalie Rich is a Brooklyn-based funny person. She writes everything from late night style cultural satire to episodic mischief. She is known for both her absurdly physical character work and her 20-something hipster wry wit. Think Catherine O’Hara meets Broad City. Natalie works in commercials, improv, voice over and theatre. She has worked with Hulu, Oxygen, Bustle, TodayTix, HuffPost, NPR and more.

She was awarded Best Comedic Actress at the 2017 Independent Television Festival for her role in "The Weekend Detectives" (a web series she co-created with creative partner Max Reinhardsen). The series was an Official Selection at the festival and is currently in the works for a second season. In the meantime, you can catch Natalie every week on “Max & Natalie LIVE!,” her late night public access talk show with, you guessed it, Max. The duo can also be heard guest starring on podcasts and seen around town in various variety, improv and sketch shows. They're kind of a package deal (see

Natalie has co-pioneered multiple original works including theatrical parodies with Recent Cutbacks, Next Day Thrones and KEVIN!!!!! (Innovative Theatre Award Nominee 2017), a two-hander sketch show with Erica Hernandez, Gimme an F! and a vaudevillian clowny romp, The Boehner Sisters.


Natalie here. I believe that we as people are highly affected by the media we consume, and as a queer woman with a stellar sense of humor, I want to be influencing what that media tells us. I dig pop culture, genre experimentation and alternate realities that don't look so different from our own. I’m inspired by Chris Guest, Jordan Peele, Jill Soloway, Carrie Brownstein and the Sedarises. Sedaris'. Sedari?